Jan 25, 2013

Good Southern Food


Susan said...

I have to tell you that made me hungry looking at the food and took my memory back to a time when 'Southern' cooked beans meant just that.
Susan Reichert

Millie Ledford Lee said...

I know what you mean. My mother always cooked them with a chunk of what she called fat back. If memory serves me right, that was a big chunk of bacon. :)

Donna Meares said...

There was a difference in Southern cooked green beans and what we called Yankee beans. Cooking time was different, from maybe five to ten minutes in the North, to up to two hours in the South. The fat back was a piece of fat that was scored against a back of rind.
As for me, I cook green beans from 20-30 minutes until they soften. A little vinegar in the cooking water brings out more flavor. I really don’t see the benefit of adding fatback.