Oct 3, 2011

Sugar Babies Candy

Does anyone remember eating Sugar Babies candy as a kid?

Recently, I got a craving for them and was looking in stores everywhere. Since I had grown up in the South, I started thinking that perhaps these yummy little nuggets only existed there. So, when I was in Kentucky a few weeks back, I continued my search, asking at stores, including Wal-Mart. Not one person I asked had ever heard of Sugar Babies. Some thought I was joking and asked what the punch line was.

Finally, I searched online and I found I could buy them—a case of 24 packets. Now, I don't really need that much candy lying around my house tempting me, so I resigned myself to living without Sugar Babies. Then, a few days later as I was leaving my favorite fabric store, there staring at me from a small basket on the front counter were packets of Sugar Babies. My first thought was that they must be 20 some years old and stale. But to my delight, they had a 2011 expiration date.

I bought two packs, opened one in the car and ate it on the way home. Since I didn't want that other pack tempting me, I ate it soon as I got home. Yes, they were delicious—exactly the way I remembered. Now, I have my sugar quota for the year, and have satisfied my craving for Sugar Babies.

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Deborah M. said...

Yes, I remember Sugar Babies! I liked a Black Cow better -- softer caramel than a Sugar Daddy and longer-lasting than a packet of Sugar Babies PLUS a chocolate coating. Penny candies were fun, too. They surely aren't a penny any longer yet sometimes a Mary Jane or (what were those taffy "bats" called?) is just what I need to gum up my teeth.